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Awesome!!!! SB 765 RESCINDED

All our effort writing, calling and emailing made the difference. Thanks to everyone for helping out.

Claudia Wise, Vice President
Millennium Diggers

Received from Tom Kitchar Waldo Mining District President today:


In case you have not heard, SB 765 has been recinded. Atkinson's office put the word out today. I spoke with his aid Kyle, and was told it was recinded partly due to overwhelming opposition, and partly due to legal problems identified within the bill.

We can make a difference!!!!!!
One less headache!
Thanks to all - saves me another night of working on this piece of crap!



A new Oregon Senate Bill, SB765, is sitting before the Judiciary Committee awaiting action. This bill is on a fast track so we need help ASAP to stop this in committee. In short, Senator Jason Atkinson along with Senators Bates and Hass are sponsoring the bill which adds more economic strain to suction dredge miners by creating a license costing residents $50 and nonresidents $2,500 per year, per county. It also includes large fines and prison terms if you don't purchase one. The Senators are calling this whole fiasco an emergency "necessary for the immediate preservation of the public peace, health and safety." By the way it cost resident fisherman $33 and nonresidents $106.33 for a statewide license.

Dredgers are already regulated for environmental protection by DEQ, DSL, and USFS. We don't need another tax (fee) added on.

Please immediately call, email, or write members of the Senate JUDICIARY COMMITTEE and voice your opposition to SB765. Also cc: Senators Atkinson, Bates, and Hass. Respectfully asking the Senators to "Please Oppose SB765". Ask that your comments be put in the Senator's folder and added as part of the congressional record.

Links where you can do some additional reading on this subject:
Senator Atkinson's Oregonian guest editorial
Article from the Southern Oregon Mail Tribune
Senator Atkinson's Mail Tribune guest editorial
Oregon Gold Hunters chat about letters to Atkinson
Read SB765

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