Thursday, October 22, 2015, 7:00 pm

Join us for our monthly meeting.

Bring a specimen starting with the letter "K" to share. The "K" can stand for anything of your choosing: "K"idney Ore, "K"unzite, or "K"ingman Turquoise.

Upcoming Events

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Welcome to our association...

The Millennium Diggers Association is a group based in Keizer, Oregon, which is near Salem, Oregon. The association is for people that share an interest in searching for things of value. The association's charter is to provide members with an assocation that will help promote the hobbies of metal detecting, prospecting, rock hounding, and treasure hunting. Part of our yearly dues pay for mining claims that are available for all association members to use. We use association meetings to share information about locating gold, silver, coins, jewelry, gemstones, fossils and metal detecting. We plan association outings each month where we can help each other learn all aspects of our hobbies. This is a great family activity, bring the kids! Please feel free to drop in on one of the monthly meetings or outings.

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