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Association Sites

Eastern Oregon Mining Association - A non-profit organization representing and advocating the role of mining in the Pacific Northwest.
Eastern Oregon Mining Association

Gold Prospectors Association of America - The largest gold prospecting organization in the world. You can join to gain access to their claims. The site also has lots of mining information available for free.
Gold Prospectors Association of America

The New 49er's Gold Club - A gold club in Happy Camp, California.
The New 49'ers

Waldo Mining District - A mining group that has taken an active role in preserving the tradition of mining in South West Oregon and has actively been a leader in protecting the rights of miners in the State of Oregon and beyond.
Waldo Mining District


Information Sites

Ghost Towns in Oregon - A list and historical information about ghost towns in Oregon.
Ghost Towns in Oregon

Gold Jewelry Identification - This site has pictures of marks found on gold jewelry. By choosing the marks found on your jewelry, their wizard can help you identify where and when the item was assayed.
Gold Traders

Goldsheet Mining Directory - Lots of information about prospecting, tours, ghost towns, gold prices, etc.
Goldsheet Mining Directory

History of the American Gold Rush - Article regarding the history of the American gold rush with lots of links to other sites.
History of the American Gold Rush

ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal - Monthly magazine with mining articles. Free articles on the website.
ICMJ's Prospecting and Mining Journal

International Gem Society - Lots of information about gemstones and even a scholarship.
International Gem Society

Maps of the Past - On this site you can find historical maps on many topics including treasure hunting and mineral prospecting.
Maps of the Past

Nugget Shooter - This site provides information about finding gold nuggets and meteorites with a metal detector.
Nugget Shooter

Oregon State Parks Metal Detecting - This site provides information about metal detecting in Oregon State Parks.
Oregon State Parks

Rockhounding for Kids - This site has a lot of information about metal detecting. Where, how, etiquette, stories, etc.
Fossils to Shale - Rockhounding for Kids

Rare Gold Nuggets - This site is a resource for information about mining for gold nuggets.
Rare Gold Nuggets

Stout Standards - Lots of good information for kids and their parents.
Stout Standards

Stream Savers - A non-profit group aimed at cleaning up our waterways.
Stream Savers

Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting Guides - Several guides here for coinshooting, relic hunting, beach hunting, prospecting, etc.
Gainsville Coins

Treasure Quest XLT - This site provides information about Metal Detecting and prospecting . We also offer a number of services for treasure hunters including online coin auctions, a club directory, and metal detecting forums.
Treasure Quest | Metal Detecting



Klamath Basin Crisis - Association member Joe Greene has some interesting PowerPoint presentations posted at this website.
Klamath Basin Crisis

Public Lands for the People - To represent and assist outdoor user groups and individuals interested in keeping public and private lands open to prospecting, mining, and outdoor recreation through public education , scientific data, and legal means.
Public Lands for the People



Double Eagle Mine - Sunstone mining, near Lakeview, Oregon.
Double Eagle Mine

Dust Devil Mining Company - Sunstone mining, near Lakeview, Oregon.
Dust Devil Mining Company

Holleywood Ranch - Fossils near Sweet Home, Oregon.
Holleywood Ranch

Spectrum - Sunstone mining, near Lakeview, Oregon.
Spectrum Mine



Rice NW Museum of Rocks & Minerals - Rocks and Minerals are an important part of the earth we share as well as the environment and economy we enjoy. The Rice Northwest Museum of Rocks and Minerals was founded by Richard L. and Helen M. Rice in 1996 for the express purpose of passing on to present and future generations the opportunity to obtain knowledge and pleasure from these beautiful wonders of nature. The museum collection and reference materials are available for viewing, study and research to all who are interested in the earth sciences.
Rice NW Museum of Rocks & Minerals


Retail Sites

AAA Precious Metals - A buyer of gold and other metals.
AAA Precious Metals

Belda's Gold Prospecting Equipment and Metal Detector Sales - An authorized dealer for metal detectors, prospecting equipment, and accessories.
Belda's Sales

Black Cat Mining - A Oregon company that carries quality gear for gold prospecting & rockhounding, as well as a selection of metal detectors & treasure hunting tools.
Black Cat Mining

Capital Steel & Wire - Metal detecting resources & directory.
Capital Steel

CEIA - A company selling Security Metal Detectors, advanced detectors able to be used in high-sensitivity applications and detect small metallic objects, such as a razor blade, while still providing optimal immunity to environmental interference. An international manufacturer of high-performance Mine and UXO Detectors.
Metal Detectors and Electromagnetic Generation CEIA

England Detecting Vacations & Tours - This group offers metal detecting vacations and tours in England.
England Detecting Tours

Gemstone Guru - What you need to know about Gemstones and Gemstone Jewelry.
Gemstone Guru

Gold Fever Links - This site provides links to many prospecting related sites.
Gold Fever Links

Gold Maps Online - This site blends Google Earth with gold maps and allows you to find claimed and unclaimed sites in your area.
Gold Maps Online

Gold River Refining - Buy and sell minerals and supplies.
Gold River Refining

Gold Rush Nuggets - Buy and sell gold as well as find gold prospecting information.
Gold Rush Nuggets

The Lost My Stuff Group - A group of volunteer metal detectors who will help you find your stuff for free.
The Lost My Stuff Group - Seller of metal detectors.

Microwave Gold Kiln - Yes you can smelt gold, silver, copper and old jewelry in a microwave!.
Microwave Gold Kiln

Ocean Research Group - Shipwrecks and lost treasures of the seven seas.
Ocean Research Group

Packwood Prospecting - This business offers classes and sells mining supplies.
Packwood Prospecting

Pro-Mack Mining - A world class commercial mining company specializing in underwater mining operations and international gold mining consulting services. We can provide extensive experience and resources for the majority of underwater mining situations.
Pro-Mack Mining

San Saba Royalty Company - Sell or lease mineral rights.
San Saba Royalty Company

US Gold Buyers - Specializes in the purchase of precious metals. They claim to pay the highest possible price for your unwanted and broken jewelry.
US Gold Buyers

White's Electronics - Makers of metal detectors in Sweet Home, Oregon. Buy local. Todd Marsh from White's Electronics gave a presentation about the history of White's, showed off new models, and answered our questions at the August 8, 2006, association meeting.
White's Electronics



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